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Patient Testimonials

Christine’s 13 year old daughter, Grayson, developed an endodontic issue subsequent to a sports related, traumatic incident and when she heard she needed a root canal, she was terrified, mostly at the thought of getting numb.  Dr. Marshall saw Grayson and helped her and she did great!!  After the procedure, Christine posted this on Facebook:

If anyone is ever in a situation of needing a root canal and looking for recommendations for a specialist, Dr. Marshall is AMAZING!  Grayson took a softball to the mouth a few weeks back and her tooth recently started discoloring.  She was seriously terrified to have it worked on, as she’s never had a filling.  She never even felt the needle! – highly recommend him!

After her experience with us, this patient posted this on her Facebook page: 

This may be too much info, but I really need to share.  I had a root canal done today.  Full disclosure, I turn into a five year old any time I need dental work done, and I am more than willing to share with those who have to deal with me.  I was referred by my dentist, Jon Palazzo, another sweet and understanding doctor. I spent the afternoon at Southern NH Endodontics where Dr. Michael Marshall and staff were incredibly kind and eased my anxiety so, that I actually fell asleep during the procedure.  If you need to deal with a root canal in the future, and I hear this is pretty common, I cannot say enough about this team.  Now I’m going to put my pacifier back in and take these big girl pants off! — Elaine Hamel – Girls at Work

Dear Dr. Marshall, You made a dreaded experience into a delightful one, with your drill and other equipment as your magic words.  It is so uplifting to be “taken care of” as a whole person rather than as a set of teeth.  You and your team are fabulous!  My only regret is that I have no need to return to your office, where I know I’ll be treated not only with phenomenal expertise, but with kindness, humor and respect.  As I’m sure you’ve heard innumerable times, most of us would rather drink Drano than get a root canal.  But I can truly say it was a total pleasure to get my dreaded root canal in your office.  You explained everything you were doing in perfect detail; took great care to make sure I was properly numbed, and really went out of your way to not inflict pain and suffering!!  And I thoroughly enjoyed your crooning. (Although you may not want to give up your day job at this time).  You and your crew are delightful, fun and very caring.  Thank you all.  — Sandy Judd

Dear Dr. Marshall,  I want to thank you for turning my 17 year old son’s thoughts about Novocain around.  He hated receiving it before seeing you, but when he came out of your office he said, “He was AMAZING!”.  He never felt the shot and had absolutely no pain during or after the procedure.  We can’t thank you enough for making his visit such a GREAT experience! — Dawn Coskren

When I first found out I needed multiple root canals I was devastated.  But then when I learned I could see Dr. Marshall I was so relieved.  You are the best!  Thank you so much for everything — I will always sing your praises.  You and your staff are TOP NOTCH!  Also thanks to Maryanne, Amy, Deb and Harmony.  I am so grateful to all of you. — Gail Mitchell

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care I received recently in your office for my root canal.  Your staff were friendly, energetic and obviously love their jobs.  The whole process from making the appointment to completing the procedure was wonderful.  I was especially happy about how you took the time to explain the procedure every step of the way.  I was extremely appreciative of you as we were nearing the end of the treatment when you said, “it looks very good, but lets take another 15 minutes and make it perfect!”  Since you told me the tooth might not be as strong because of the cavity it had, I took your advice and went back to my dentist right away to get the crown and it looks great!  Thank you for saving my tooth and making it a great experience! — Steve Chisholm

Dear Dr. Marshall and Staff,  If someone were to ask me to name the most remarkable experience I’ve had in recent history, I would honestly have cite my visit to you.  I’m sure if I added that the purpose of my visit was a root canal, there would be a few raised eyebrows.  But no matter, I would be telling the truth.  You and your staff are the essence of remarkable.  And just to prove it, I might add that after my first dose of Advil, I honestly forgot to take more.  That’s because my tooth never bothered me again.  I officially declare you and your staff “PUM” — that’s the pilots’ acronym for Pure, Unadulterated, Magic!  Huge Thanks — Barb Flocco

Hello everyone,  The first thing I noticed when I walked into the office was that the receptionists were very happy and friendly.  I must say at first I was very nervous since I’m so afraid of needles — go figure!  Once I met Dr. Marshall I was so impressed with his passion for his work and he really cares how his patients feel.  He explains every step of the procedure and he has AMAZING soft skills and he is so gentle (I wish more men were like him – ha ha).  I hope that if you need a root canal done you go and see Dr. Marshall because he is the BEST and you will be EXTREMELY happy with the results.  Dr. Marshall thanks a million for your service because you really are the BEST.  —  Adelina Winfield

I have to admit that all my worrying was wasted energy!  This was virtually a painless experience.  Dr. Marshall was very personable and put me at ease through the whole procedure.  I will never fear a root canal again (hopefully I won’t need another one — ha ha) — Ron Webber

This patient sent one of the nicest and most detailed notes of appreciation we have ever received.  Here are some excerpts:  Thank you Dr. Marshall, Amy, Maryanne, Deb and Sandra.  You have all played a role in making my experience so welcoming and calming.  You each took that extra step to make me feel comfortable and at ease while I was dealing with a painful dental issue.  I was so amazed with how accommodating and friendly the entire team was.   I was so nervous to call to set up my initial consultation appointment and I instantly felt a sense of relief after my first phone conversation with Maryanne.  Amy was so knowledgeable, calming and patient with me.  She took the time to answer all my questions and reassured me.  I took the time to read about the process on the website, as well as what previous patients had to say.  Dr. Marshall, Deb and Sandra work so well together.  They were all so calming and soothing, and I appreciated their explanations.  They do a fantastic job at making a patient feel entirely comfortable.  I found the whole process was truly painless.  My tooth has been feeling wonderful.  I am so thankful to each and every one of you for your role.  You are such an amazing office team!  Thank you.  Your appreciative patient, Christine Lange

Dr. Marshall This card is to let you know that you made a procedure I was terrified of, a pleasant and painless experience.  I will never forget it and will recommend you to anyone needing a root canal.  Your expert manner, gentle touch and caring are a comfort rarely expected for this type of work.  Your assistant, Sandra, immediately put me at ease when she informed me, “you’re in the right place” and she was correct.  In my eyes, you are a genius in your field and kudos to your entire staff — professional every one.   Thank you again. — Pat Ledoux


Dear Dr. Marshall and Staff, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent care I recently received in your office.  As you learned, due to a very painful experience many, many years ago, I was hesitant to even see a dentist for a very long time, let alone see an endodontist.  Getting a root canal was the last thing on earth that I wanted to have done.  When I first arrived to your office, I was brought to tears just thinking about what I was going to have to go through.  However, after my experience with you, I no longer have that fear.  I was taken care of so well that I felt absolutely nothing during the entire procedure.  And after it was all done, I took a little Advil for a slight amount of soreness.  What a huge relief to find someone as caring and professional as Southern New Hampshire Endodontics.  Thank you for taking care of me with such understanding and kindness.  I will not mind if I have to see you again in the future.  Thank you! — Lori Kunkel

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Marshall and his caring staff for their kindness, compassion and expertise.  I first learned of needing a root canal after a running injury while training for a half marathon.   To say I was extremely fearful doesn’t even describe my fears — deep rooted fears.  However, what I found was walking into that office is like walking into a family setting.  When I first arrived, I read every thank you card on the wall and my fears began to melt away.  Dr. Marshall did a root canal on my front tooth without any pain at all.  I was amazed!  He provided such comfort, gentleness and kindness.  Dr. Marshall you are a blessing and truly have a gift to comfort and provide exceptional care to all.  My dental fears are now gone and it took going to his office for a root canal to do that.  I never made it to the race, but I achieved something far better and life changing.  —  Jennifer Kim

As soon as I arrived at your office I knew I was in the right place.  Thank you for a wonderful experience from start to finish.  I especially appreciate the time Dr. Marshall spent with me to explain each step of the procedure.  I can truthfully say that it was a pain-free root canal!!  There were even a few laughs!  Thank you for your professionalism and happy, positive outlook.  I’ll be sure to let others know how great you are! — Brenda Sacino 

I will admit I was very nervous to have a root canal, as I had not been to a dentist in almost 5 years, due to a bad experience.  However, I could not be more pleased with how you cared for me and I even fell asleep during the procedure.  Thank you for making the experience completely painless and saving my tooth for me. — Jason Dziura 

I’d like to express my appreciation to you, Dr. Marshall, for the top-notch care given to me while experiencing my needed root canal.  Your warm, friendly and welcoming staff were a pleasure to meet and skilled at what they did.  Dr. Marshall, it is easy to see why you were awarded one of the top endodontists in New Hampshire.  You made the procedure painless and your thorough explanations never made me wonder what was going on.  —  Karen Cawley

Thanks for making my root canal such a positive (even happy) experience.  Dr. Palazzo had prepared me to be impressed in his tribute to you:  your skill, your excellence in dentistry, your kindness and your good humor.  My case was not easy with my serious allergies, but at no time was I nervous or jittery (problems that have dogged me since adolescence).  There was no pain at all, then and now.  Your staff is super.  Maryanne and I became good friends, and Amy and Harmony are great!  Thank you so much — Arlene Mullen

Song sung to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ball Game:

 Clean your roots at Dr. Marshall’s

Clear each abscess away

You’ll get some novocain when you are there

Then sit back and fall asleep in his chair

Endodontistry in New Hampshire

 Clearly is his forte

Thanks to Dr. Mike and his staff

No more pain today   —- Burt Kaliski 

I just had to take a moment to let you know how I felt about my recent experience with you and your team.  As you know, I kept putting off an appointment with you to have my tooth taken care of – the word “root canal” sent chills down my spine.  My husband, Joe, kept encouraging me that “Dr. Marshall is the only one to do the work” and proudly admitted he had fallen asleep in your chair -on two separate occasions- while you were working on him!  I finally gave in and reluctantly arrived for my appointment.  You have now officially removed any apprehension I had about this type of dental work.  Once I settled in, you took your time to make sure I understood what was going to happen, and most importantly you made sure I couldn’t “feel” anything!  To my surprise and delight – there was no pain!  Your office team is warm and friendly and I especially appreciated the follow-up phone call the next day checking to see if all was well.  Thank you for curing me of my fear, if faced with another root canal in the future, I will arrive without apprehension.  Thanks again to you and your staff.  Warm regards, —Jan Eaton 

You guys are awesome!  I was a little nervous going in, but you quickly put me at ease and now my tooth is great!  —-Becky Collins

Just a note to thank you for seeing me and putting me at ease during my root canal.  Your caring and good nature got me through the procedure and I appreciated how you made me feel comfortable the whole time.  Also, you have a wonderful staff.  Everyone is so pleasant and nice.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you for being there for me.  —- Gail Celata

I want to thank you again for doing my root canal.  I had my final filling today at my dentist’s office and it made me realize how much care you put into taking care of me.  You made me feel relaxed and calm!  I will always recommend you to anyone who needs a root canal.  Thank you so much!! — Jamie Sherburne

It was my understanding that a root canal was to be a very painful process, at least that is what I was told by several people.  However, after talking it through with my dentist I decided to save my tooth and thanks to you, I have found those statements to be false.  I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and your compassion for what you do, which made my experience a pleasant one.  I further want to thank you and your staff for your service and attention to detail involving my root canal, as well as the follow-up phone calls to see how I was doing — that really meant a lot to me.  In the future, for any dental work of this nature, you will be the first I see and I will highly recommend you to family and friends.  — Nicholas T. Douris, Jr.

If you have been told you need a root canal, this is where you want to be.  First and foremost is the quality of Dr. Marshall’s work.  I don’t think you could find a more conscientious endodontist on the planet.  The moment you walk in the door you are greeted by genuine kindness and it just gets better.  Dr. Marshall and his staff are truly passionate about what they do.  That passion is reflected in how truly cared for you will feel, how comfortable you will be and in the perfection of the work performed.  I was looking down the barrel of multiple root canals and honestly, my fear was almost paralyzing.  I needed medication just to get there.  However, by the end of the first visit, I was falling asleep in the chair.  I had not felt one trickle of pain!  I did not need any more medication and my subsequent visits were a breeze ….. have a seat, get comfy and try to stay awake — or not! —– Beth Finnigan

I have never written before about a dental experience.  However, after visiting Dr. Marshall’s office and undergoing treatment, which involved fixing a previous root canal procedure, I just had to write to let everyone know how happy I am with his quality of work.  When I first went for a consultation, I was very nervous and upset due to an overwhelming fear of the procedure.  Dr. Marshall and his staff put my fears to rest with professionalism, kindness and genuine care for me and my situation.  I was very impressed in how he explained my options and involved me every step of the way in what would entail, and I completely trusted his expertise.  The procedure went very well and I actually felt relaxed.  I feel so blessed to have found him through a recommendation.  At last, I found a dentist who is not only outstanding at what he does, but who also cares about his patients.  You won’t find a better dentist and dental office staff anywhere! — Alberta Torcia

Thank you so much for the great work you did with the root canal your performed on me.  In what was a very challenging tooth, you showed me great sensitivity while always striving for perfection.  During this stressful time working on a complicated state budget, having a root canal from you was actually relaxing (as you know I fell asleep), a nice change of pace, and an honor.  Thank you. — Gov. John Lynch 

I have read many of the wonderful testimonials of Dr. Marshall’s patients and I am not surprised by their comments.  I was not at all surprised that many of his patients said they felt no pain.  I arrived with a “hot” tooth and never felt one pinch of pain during the entire procedure.  I did not, however, fall asleep as some of the others have said happened to them.  Having been a dental assistant, a hygienist and the wife of a dentist, I was much too interested in the procedure to sleep.  The new technology that was used during my procedure was fascinating to me and the team work of Dr. Marshall and his great staff was like watching a synchronized swim team in action.  My positive experience started with my initial phone call to Maryanne and ended with follow-up phone calls from her and Amy to see how I was doing.  You cannot help but feel the comforting, caring, calming, professional atmosphere of the office.  If you need a root canal this is the place to go!  — Holly Cassidy

I can’t thank you enough for the work you performed on my tooth.  I must admit I was nervous entering your office, because I had never experienced a root canal.  I am pleased to say that the impeccable surroundings of your office and the professionalism and joyfulness of your entire staff help to put me at ease.  I would put you in the category of an artist in the way you perform your task.  Impeccably precise and at every turn making sure I was comfortable.  I can truthfully say I had zero pain during the entire procedure and zero pain after.  I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking a root canal.  You made the entire experience comfortable, educating your patient every step of the way.  For that I am grateful.  You are a credit to your profession! — Elaine Lucci


From the moment I called to make an appointment, to the final check-up after the root canal, Dr. Marshall and his staff created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  Maryanne, the office manager, greeted me with a beaming smile along with kind words, making me feel comfortable and at ease.  Dr. Marshall immediately engaged me in the process of my care and the feeling of being part of every step of the exam and treatment plan made me feel a real sense of partnership and control.  During my appointments, I never felt any discomfort or pain.  Dr. Marshall made a fan out of me for a lifetime! — Maria DiNola

Thank you for dispelling the negative reputation of a root canal.  Initially, I was afraid of the procedure.  I appreciated your explanation of the process and your generous administration of Novocaine.  I did not experience any pain.  I enjoyed the music and was treated very well by your patient, caring staff.  I was relaxed and fell asleep at times.  I was a great patient because you’re a great doctor!  I have spoken highly of you, your staff and the experience, in general, on many occasions.  I would highly recommend your practice to family and friends.  Thank you! — Susan Nyberg

see why you have so many notes on display in your waiting room.  I do not need many words to describe my experience with you and your staff.  I can sum it up with one word:  EXCELLENT!  Thank you –  Jon A. Clark

Thank you so much for the kind, compassionate and excellent care you provide.  I am very grateful to you.  As you know, dental visits instill great anxiety for me, but visits to your office are different.  I really do appreciate your kindness and patience, as well as the superb care I receive.  And I was so happy to meet your beautiful daughter today! — Sr. Maureen Sullivan

I want to thank you for your dedicated care during my recent root canal.  From the first call to your office, I felt that my needs were of the utmost importance to you.  Maryanne was so friendly and personable.  And as I met the rest of the staff, I continued to feel that I was being well cared for by professionals who cared about this patient.  Dr. Marshall was excellent at explaining everything that was being done in a way that was clear and reassuring.  My procedure was absolutely painless.  What a great team! You should be very proud.  Gratefully, — Susan Smith

Like most people, I was never thrilled about going to the dentist.  That all changed when I had to have a root canal and was referred to Dr. Michael Marshall.  Wow, what a thrill it was to meet Dr. Marshall and experience his “magic” … not once, but three times.  Yes, I had three root canals within a few months, but lucky for me, I found Dr. Marshall.  Hard to believe anyone could take the fear out of going to the dentist, but he does.  If you’ve been a patient of his, you know what I mean.  If you haven’t, then you are in for a wonderful experience!  Dr. Marshall is such a hero!!! — Brenda Gauthier

I am happy to inform you that other than a little soreness, my mouth feels great!  I have not needed to take additional  Advil since I left your office.  I just want to tell Dr. Marshall that it is obvious he loves what he does and the root canal was probably the most painless dental procedure I have ever had.  I have to admit I was apprehensive about the entire procedure, having never had one in the past, but the entire staff made it as pleasant as possible.  Professional, caring and providing a full explanation of the procedure, as it went along, made me very comfortable.  Kudos to Southern New Hampshire Endodontics!  — Linda Nute

My experience at Southern New Hampshire Endodontics was truly amazing!  Dr. Marshall and his staff are friendly, courteous, enthusiastic practitioners, and they exhibited outstanding professional skills in treating a complex case.  I experienced virtually no discomfort either during or after my procedure, and I felt very relaxed the entire time.  Thorough explanations of the process, along with visuals, kept me well-informed and confident every step of the way.  Their caring attitude was evident during treatment and follow-up calls.  And the result was excellent.  I chose Southern New Hampshire Endodontics upon the recommendation of a friend, and I also highly recommend Dr. Marshall to anyone needing endodontic care! — Susan M. Edwards

Who would have ever thought having a root canal could be such a pleasant experience.  Hats off to Dr. Marshall and his fantastic staff.  The entire experience was amazing!  Dr. Marshall thoroughly explained everything that he would be doing and put me at ease …. to the point where I almost dozed off during the procedure!  His staff were all so pleasant, professional, and accommodating …. even to the point of Amy calling to let me know they were running a little late, so I needn’t rush in since she knew I was leaving work to come into the office.  When was the last time a doctor’s office called to tell you that?  For the first time in months, I am without an aching tooth …. wonderful!  Thank you Dr. Marshall  — Julie Worthington

Believe it or not… I look forward to going to the dentist.  When I was younger, I didn’t have the quality of care that I now get from my regular dentist, Dr. Rothwangl and for special situations, like root canals, from Dr. Marshall.  I like to say, “they have hands of velvet”.  I have had three root canal experiences with Dr. Marshall and each time there was no pain during or after the procedure.  I mean it.  No pain what-so-ever!  The staff care, during the procedure, couldn’t be any better.  Well, maybe some singing lessons wouldn’t hurt to fine tune Dr. Marshall.  I also like the fact that he knows I am a technical and mechanical-minded person and explains what he is doing.  And they follow up… Dr. Marshall called me personally to make sure I was doing well.  If I have to have a root canal, I prefer to go first class.  Dr. Marshall and his staff are definitely first class! – Jerry Leinsing

It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Marshall and his team.  Their personalities are so comforting and warming.  My wife and I have had the misfortune of having numerous dental procedures of the years, with related unforgiving pain.  Dr. Marshall has always treated our problems as an emergency and has always gone out of his way to accommodate our needs and our schedule.  There is more to a medical profession than a degree, it is the professionalism, perfection, skill and the pleasing personality that makes Dr. Marshall outstanding in his profession.  His process of painless Novocain injection is unsurpassed; we have yet to experience anyone mastering his technique.  Extremely Satisfied Patients — Lee and Gail Smith

I would like to thank you, Dr. Marshall, and all your staff at Southern New Hampshire Endodontics for the excellent care I received at your office.  I was told by my dentist that I needed a root canal because of an abscessed tooth that was causing a lot of pain.  Naturally, I was dreading the thought of having the root canal, but I am so glad I decided to go ahead.  When I was referred to you by my dentist, she assured me you are the best.  I am so thankful and grateful this was in fact the case.  My root canal was a success and the treatment and care I received was excellent!  I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of endodontic services.  Thank you!  p.s.  I hope you enjoyed the eggs from my chickens.  — Catherine Conley 

I have been seen by Dr. Marshall twice.  The first time was several years ago.  I had an abscess under a crown and thought it would just go away …. well, it didn’t.  My general dentist recommended I see Dr. Marshall.  He explained every step thoroughly and the shot of Novocain was only the slightest pinch.  I was surprised when Maryanne called to check on me the next day.  Unbelievable patient care!  The years went by without any problems, then one day I developed another abscess and I told my dentist I wanted to see Dr. Marshall again.  He told me the tooth was dead and no Novocain was needed, but offered it if it would make me feel better.  I declined and he was right, there was no pain at all and as a matter of fact, I was so relaxed I could have napped.  I have to say my experiences with Dr. Marshall and his team have been wonderful! — Gail Mitchell

I just wanted to thank you and your terrific staff for making my root canal a breeze.  Of course, I can easily be distracted when I am around like minded people, so the root canal was painless.  Please let your staff know just how impressed I was with them (you weren’t too bad yourself.  Hee!  Hee!) — Priscilla King-Mullen

Thank you once again for your excellent service.  I truly appreciate that you went above and beyond to make time to fit me in.  What life savers you all are! — Lynn Gamache

We’re off to a place where the numbers of incredulous things surpass any other natural habitat on Planet Earth.  Any excursion into their rainy, ultra-productive world where the planet’s greatest river flows has to be a high light of a life.  A year’s planning might have been for naught had you, together with delightful Maryanne, not taken extraordinary steps to juggle your schedule to accommodate my ill-timed, mutinous molar.  If root canal surgery can be defined as a “joy”, your sing-song expertise met that definition.  (With Deb, Harmony and Amy’s hands in the process, ‘ol’ # 30′s complaining ways was quelled.)  You all are appreciated deeply.  We are off to a place where piranhas await.  Word has it, they seldom need root canals. – Truly yours, Gordon Russell    (note: we saw Gordon to help him with a tooth ache, just a couple of days before he was scheduled to leave for an excursion to the Amazon)

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