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Our Mission

Endodontic specialist, Dr. Michael Marshall and his experienced team of assistants and office personnel have the goal of providing their patients with an exceptional experience.  When performed carefully endodontics can be accomplished in a very pleasant, comfortable manner and is an effective means of saving a tooth and maintaining the integrity of your natural dentition.    


Dr. Marshall is a specialist member of the American Association of Endodontists and has more than thirty years of experience.  He has been consistently selected by his peers as one of the top endodontists in New Hampshire.  In fact, not only was he bestowed this honor again this year (see the Bulletin Board posting below), he was the top vote getter in the endodontist category, in the entire state.  His mission is to provide unsurpassed quality in an environment of professionalism, caring and clinical excellence.  Please enjoy our website to learn more about endodontics and see how we can help you.  Please click on this:  “Testimonials”,  and also visit our Google page (google Dr. Michael Marshall, DMD), to see what our patients have to say about their experience with us - some of the reviews are simply amazing!  




The dental community has bestowed quite an honor on Dr. Marshall!

The dentists in New Hampshire were polled and asked to rate the endodontists in the state and the results are in --- we are pleased to announce that Dr. Marshall was the top vote getter (in the enododontist catgory), in New Hampshire, for 2023 - 2024.  Although he has been consistently voted as one of the top endodontists, for many years, this was the third time he has held the distinction of receiving the most votes.  He is especially proud of this honor as the votes are cast by dentists throughout the state.  As previously explained by “New Hampshire Magazine” (in the August issue), because this honor “is based on an exhaustive peer-review survey in which dentists and specialists throughout New Hampshire cast votes on the ability of other dentists and specialists, inclusion in ‘topDentists’ is considered a singular honor”.  




CBCT technology is certainly the most important technological advance in endodontics since the surgical microscope.  It allows for three-dimensional viewing of a tooth and the surrounding hard tissue structures.  Having this technology available, in order to provide state-of- the-art endodontic care for patients, requires an exceptional commitment on the part of the endodontist.  First, the cost of the equipment and installation is substantial.  Second, because the volume of information is so large and different in appearance, compared with conventional radiography, many, many hours of continuing education and practice are required for the doctor to become proficient in reading three-dimensional scans.  Third, it usually takes one to two hours to read a scan, and then process and convey the information.  However, the information which can be attained is unbelievable and often proves to be essential in the proper handling of a case.  Dr. Marshall incorporated CBCT technology into his patient care, several years ago, and is continually amazed and astounded with the crucial and sometimes unexpected information attained from a 3-D scan.  Without doubt, it is amazing and now an essential innovation, in the world of endodontics, and is destined to be considered the standard of care, for providing the best patient care possible, if it is not already.  Follow this link to learn more specifically how 3D technology is so amazing!  



Our office has CBCT technology!  The benefits of three-dimensional imagery in endodontics are tremendous, since it allows for more accurate diagnosis and an understanding of what might be the best treatment (without having to actually enter the tooth).  In addition, it increases the chances of providing successful endodontics, when complexities are present, so they can be observed and understood, before the treatment is even started.  It is just another way of providing patients with the best care possible.  Please open this link to learn more about this exciting technology and supportive research:  3D images with our CBCT

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