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Did you know that endodontic infections that occur in the maxillary posterior teeth can easily spread into the adjacent sinus and can lead to sinus issues?  Most certainly proper diagnosis of the source of the problem is essential to the solution and CBCT imaging has been shown to significantly improve the ability to detect odontogenic sources for sinusitis.  Conventional, peri-apical radiographs are hindered by anatomical structures  and do not consistently reveal mucosal thickening or fluid in the sinus.  CBCT is recognized to be helpful in demonstrating the expansion of odontogenic lesions into the sinus, the presence of a mucositis and an analysis of the problem tooth. 


Our office has CBCT technology!  The amount of information that can be attained from 3-D imaging is absolutely astounding!  It allows for more enhanced viewing of not only teeth, but the surrounding structures.  The benefits are tremendous since it allows for more accurate diagnosis, an understanding of what might be the best treatment (without having to actually enter the tooth) and increases the chances of providing successful endodontics when complexities are present and can be observed and understood before the treatment is even started.  Carestream is the largest provider of this technology in the world and the CS 8100 3D is their latest model.  At a recent American Association of Endodontists annual meeting a lecturer reported only about 23% of the endodontic offices in the country have a cone beam machine and we are one of them.  It is just another way of providing patients with the best care possible.  Please open this link to learn more about this exciting technology, supportive research and explanation of cost:  3D images with our CBCT

Posted:  9/17/2019 12:29 PM
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